Stadium Policies



Due to heightened security measures at the gates, we strongly urge all guests to arrive at the stadium as early as possible to avoid entrance delays. Reentry into N-MCM Stadium is not permitted. If medication is required, be sure to have it with you upon entry. All guests entering the stadium are subject to search. Refusal to comply may be grounds to prohibit admission. Guests will not be permitted to enter the stadium if they are visibly intoxicated.


  • Metal, plastic and glass containers of any kind
  • Backpacks and large bags
  • Large flags and banners (except as noted)
  • Poles and staffs (metal, plastic or wooden)
  • Weapons and illegal substances
  • Food and beverages
  • Professional cameras with detachable zoom lenses and/or tripods
  • Professional video cameras
  • Pets (Except for service animals)
  • Fireworks
  • Whistles
  • Laser pointers
  • Artificial Noisemakers
  • Any item deemed by management to by dangerous or inappropriate
  • Umbrellas
  • Large strollers

PERMITTED ITEMS (subject to search):

  • Diaper bags (with a child of appropriate age)
  • Blankets, coats/jackets, binoculars and camera cases


  • Proper behavior is expected from all of our guests. Offensive language and/or rowdy behavior will not be tolerated and is cause for ejection.
  • Retain ticket stubs for event staff to verify proper seat location. Be prepared to show your ticket stub each time you enter your assigned seating section.
  • Sit only in your assigned seat to avoid inconveniencing other guests. Offenders will be escorted from the stadium.
  • Aisles must be clear at all times.
  • Entering the playing field level without authorization or proper credentials will result in ejection from the stadium and violators will be subject to arrest.
  • Throwing objects of any kind is a violation of stadium policy. Offenders will be ejected from the stadium and subject to arrest.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all seating areas and restrooms. Smoking is permitted only in open-air areas such as concourses. Offenders will be escorted from the stadium.
  • All patrons are subject to search.


ALCOHOL: Fans must be 21 or older to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages at the stadium. Proper identification is required to purchase any alcoholic beverage, and we reserve the right to check proof of legal drinking age. Guests will not be permitted to enter the stadium if they are visibly intoxicated. Drunk and disorderly behavior will result in ejection from the stadium without refund. A maximum of two (2) alcoholic beverages per purchase is permitted. This may be reduced without prior notice. All alcohol sales end at the conclusion of the third (3rd) quarter, but may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of stadium management.

ATM MACHINES: ATM Machines are located throughout the stadium.

 BANNERS: Banners are permitted provided they are not commercial, political, offensive or in poor taste. Banners may not obstruct the view of any fans, cover existing stadium signage including facial walls, field walls or markings or present any safety hazard. Banners or flags may not be attached to a pole.

 CAMERAS/VIDEO EQUIPMENT: Small, still photography cameras are permitted in the stadium. Please refrain from using flash photography. Professional video cameras are strictly prohibited. For more information, see the list of prohibited/permitted items above.

 CHILDREN AGE 2 & UNDER: Children age 2 and under may be held in an adult’s lap and are not required to have a ticket to the game.

 CREDIT CARDS: Credit cards are accepted at N-MCM Stadium.

 ELEVATORS: There are six elevators located at N-MCM Stadium. Two elevators on the blue side of the stadium may be accessed by credentialed patrons for the press level and suites.  Two elevators on the gold side of the stadium may be used for handicap guests seated in the upper gold sections as well as suite holders and TV crew.  The two elevators in the south end zone of the stadium serve the Blue and Gold hospitality clubs.

 FIRST AID: Four First Aid stations are located throughout the stadium. Special Event Medical Services provides medical services two hours prior to the game, during the game and up to 30 minutes after the game ends. In the event of a medical emergency, please notify the nearest stadium personnel. First Aid locations are: Upper Gold Concourse outside section 125; Lower Gold Concourse outside section 25; Upper Blue Concourse outside section 101; and Lower Blue Concourse outside section 1.

 ENTRY TO NAVY-MARINE CORPS MEMORIAL STADIUM: Entry gates are Gate A/B, Gate C/D, Gate H, Gate I, Gate M/N and Gate O. Gates are open to the public one and one half hours prior to the event.

 GUEST SERVICES: Guest Services is located in the Blue Side elevator lobby. Guest Services representatives assist fans during games with stadium information, lost children, and wheelchairs.

LOST CHILDREN: Any lost child will be escorted to the Ticket Office and quickly returned to his/her respective seat location, if known.

 SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is prohibited in all seating areas of N-MCM Stadium. Guests who fail to comply with the policy after appropriate warnings may be subject to ejection.

 TELEPHONES (Public): There are no public telephones in N-MCM Stadium.


  • Ticket scalping or selling tickets at more than face value, is a misdemeanor under City of Annapolis law, and could result in arrest and criminal prosecution.
  • Ticket resale at face value or less constitutes solicitation and/or commercial activity, both of which are prohibited by City of Annapolis law. Such conduct could result in citation and criminal prosecution.

 UMBRELLAS: Umbrellas are not permitted in the stadium for the safety and sight lines of other fans. Rain gear of choice is a poncho. For more information, see the list of prohibited/permitted items above.